We the founders of URI's first annual Sustainability Summit have one goal: to foster sustainable changes on the URI campuses. We hold our annual Summit to discuss, plan, and present these ideas to the University Staff, Faculty, Administration, and President's Councils.


Gabriella Aiello 

Gabby is currently pursuing a BS Industrial & Systems Engineering with Sustainability and Engineering Entrepreneurship minors at the University of Rhode Island. As part of her work in the Sustainable Innovative Solutions Lab, she organized this event through her desire to see students create change on campus. She is also the vice-president of URI's Engineers for a Sustainable World (ESW) chapter.

Aiden Keene

Aiden studies Biomedical Engineering and Leadership Studies at the University of Rhode Island. Involved in campus programming and marketing since being a freshman, he was excited to jump on board for a cause that could never be supported enough; sustainability. 

Caroline Hammett

Caroline is currently pursuing a BS in Chemical Engineering with a minor in Sustainable Food and Agriculture Systems. Passionately searching for how she can combine her engineering skills with innovative sustainability for her career, community, and planet. When hearing about the Sustainability Summit, she was instantly inspired to work with students, and for students who are equally passionate about creating a more sustainable environment, starting with our own campuses at URI.