We the founders of URI's first annual Sustainability Summit have one goal: to foster sustainable changes on the URI campuses. We hold our annual Summit to discuss, plan, and present these ideas to the University Staff, Faculty, Administration, and President's Councils.



Gathering every April in the Galanti Lounge, we will discuss, plan, and present sustainable solutions to and for the URI campuses!

Minimal-Waste Meals

Make your way into the Galanti Lounge to enjoy minimal-waste meals including pastries, fresh fruits and vegetables, wraps, equal exchange coffee & more! All enjoyed while networking with the fellow summit presenters.

Sustainable Speakers

Focusing on different subtopics within sustainability every year, the keynote speakers that begin the summit are not to be missed! These accomplished field leaders will provide background, new knowledge, and motivate all attending. Pay attention and there is a great chance you can win sustainable prizes.


After refueling, groups will have time to perfect their ideas on how to make our campuses more sustainable! Mentors, volunteers, and a basic guideline will help all organize their ideas. Prizes will be awarded for the best research and pitch presentations!


Presentations and Awards

After all groups present their ideas, the top groups will be congratulated with their awards!

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